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Gender: Male
Species: Vulcan
Occupation: Captain of the Ni'Var
Status: Alive (2151)
Played by: Gregory Itzin

Sopek was a Vulcan officer and the captain of the Vulcan ship Ni'Var in the early 2150s. Sopek was the senior Vulcan officer in the Coridan sector and was accordingly kept under close surveillance by the Andorian Imperial Guard.

In 2151, the Vulcan High Command sent Sopek to transfer T'Pol off of Enterprise and back to Vulcan due to her role in the destruction of the sacred Vulcan monastery of P'Jem. After T'Pol and Captain Jonathan Archer were abducted by one of the many rebel factions on Coridan, Sopek led a heavily-armed landing party to rescue them, unaware that Enterprise crewmembers, with the help of Andorian officers Shran and Tholos, were conducting a rescue mission of their own.

After Archer and T'Pol were rescued, rebel leader Traeg attempted to shoot Sopek. T'Pol pushed Sopek out of harm's way, taking the shot herself. As T'Pol recovered from her injury, Archer convinced Sopek to ask the High Command to reconsider her transfer in light of recent events. (ENT: "Shadows of P'Jem")

Sopek was played by Gregory Itzin.
In the non-canon Star Trek: Enterprise "relaunch" novel The Good That Men Do, Sopek appears on Romulus posing as a Romulan dissident leader named Ch'uihv. In Kobayashi Maru, it is revealed that Sopek is working as a V'Shar operative reporting back to Vulcan on the status of the Romulan threat. Despite previously trying to kill fellow undercover spy Commander Tucker, he later saves his life due to a request from a friend of T'Pol's.

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