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Selek, son of Sasak and T'Pel (actually Spock in disguise)

Selek, son of Sasak and T'Pel (actually Spock in disguise)
Gender: Male
Species: Vulcan/Human hybrid
Father: Sasak
Mother: T'Pel
Played by: Leonard Nimoy (voice)
For planet, please see Selek IV.
For the similarly named Suliban, please see Silik.

Selek, son of T'Pel and Sasak, was the identity assumed by Spock when he traveled to his past through the Guardian of Forever, in order to save himself from otherwise being killed by the le-matya.

Spock infiltrated his family under this alias by claiming to be a cousin of Sarek, visiting his home while journeying to the family shrine to honor their gods. Sarek invited him to stay with them to break up his journey. While visiting, "Selek"'s young cousin Spock, prematurely began his kahs-wan across Vulcan's Forge. Selek followed Spock and subsequently saved him from death when he and his pet sehlat, I-Chaya, were attacked in the foothills of the L-langon Mountains by a wild le-matya. (TAS: "Yesteryear")


It was not explained if "Selek", "T'Pel" and "Sasak" were real relatives of Spock and his father. The character of Selek was later echoed by a similar scenario in TNG: "Firstborn" where Alexander Rozhenko traveled back in time to visit himself, posing as a family friend known as K'mtar.

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