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Deela, a Scalosian female


Ekor, a Scalosian male

Scalosians are the inhabitants of the planet Scalos.

Prior to the 2260s, most of the inhabitants were made infertile due to a radiation sickness. Their bio-chemistry had accelerated to a point that they experienced hours as other lifeforms experienced minutes. Once a nation of 900,000, their numbers rapidly declined until there were only five of them left by 2268. Deela was their queen.

In 2268, they hijacked the USS Enterprise in an effort to repopulate their race with the male crew. Captain Kirk was able to stop them and return them to their native Scalos. (TOS: "Wink of an Eye")

This is somewhat similar to the situation in which the Aldeans found themselves in 2364 in "When The Bough Breaks".


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