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San Francisco bar 1, Star Trek III

The interior of the bar

San Francisco bar 2, Star Trek III

The interior of the bar

The San Francisco bar was a bar on Earth in San Francisco in the 23rd century.

In 2285, Doctor Leonard McCoy visited this bar to hire a transport ship which should bring him to the planet Genesis in the Mutara sector. He found someone, an alien, but was stopped and arrested by a civilian agent. (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)

The bar had a lounge like atmosphere with many tables, holographic parlor games, mirrors, plants, and lava lamps. Arcanis Lager was a variety of beer served in this bar.



Although the bar was never named on-screen, the description of several costumes describes the location as San Francisco bar. [1] [2]

The script describes the bar as, "A crowded, smoke-filled watering hole of the twenty-third century, filled with a smattering of civilians, Starfleet personnel, and visitors from strange and far-off civilizations. It does not have the bizarre qualities of the 'Star Wars Bar' which is across the street." [3]

The bar was featured in the scenes 79-83. According to the above mentioned script, there was an alternate scene, in which several stunt performers appeared. This is supported by a costume worn by stuntwoman Jeannie Coulter, who doubled Sharon Thomas [4] [5], and the appearance of stuntman Tom Morga.

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