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Ruth (amusement park planet).jpg

Ruth as she appeared in 2252

Ruth as she appeared in 2252
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Status: Alive (2252)
Played by: Shirley Bonne

Ruth was a female Human civilian in the 23rd century.

In 2252, while at Starfleet Academy, cadet James T. Kirk became romantically involved with Ruth.

In 2267, the USS Enterprise discovered the Shore Leave Planet, an artificial world where complex machinery could bring fantasies to life. After he picked up a flower, Kirk, now a captain, thought of his long-lost love. Reading his thoughts, the planet computer created a robot that was a duplicate of Ruth. The first time she appeared, Kirk was distracted by other problems, and could not spend time with her. After his discussion with the Caretaker, Kirk planned to beam back to the Enterprise, but Ruth appeared again, and this convinced him to remain on the planet for a day or two. (TOS: "Shore Leave")

Ruth was portrayed by Shirley Bonne.

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