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USS Voyager, ventral view

USS Voyager

Regions visited by USS Voyager from 2371 to 2378


VOY Season 1

USS Voyager departing Deep Space 9

Voyager leaves Deep Space 9

Alpha Quadrant

Delta Quadrant


VOY Season 2


VOY Season 3

Nekrit Expanse
Borg space
Sector 001 (Alpha Quadrant)


VOY Season 4

Borg Star

A star system in Borg space Voyager visited

Borg space

Outside Borg space

  • coordinates 18, mark 205, mark 47, in the Delta Quadrant


Voyager in the Void

The USS Voyager in the utter nothingess of the Void

VOY Season 5

The Void (region)

Unimatrix 325, Grid 006

Monean Waters

Unimatrix 424, Grid 116


VOY Season 6


VOY Season 7

The Void (anomaly)


Uss voyager earth

Voyager returns to Earth

VOY Season 7

Talaxian asteroid colony

Grid 986 (Borg designation)
  • Aperture 823
Sector 001 (Alpha Quadrant)

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