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Gender: Male
Species: Farian
Affiliation: Orion Syndicate
Status: Alive (2374)
Played by: Joseph Culp

Raimus was a Farian male, and a high-ranking member of the Orion Syndicate in the 24th century.

In 2373, while vacationing on Risa, Raimus made the acquaintance of a Starfleet officer in charge of the weather control system, and paid him a substantial sum to make it stop raining. From that point on, the Starfleet officer acted as an informant for Raimus, informing him as to the identities of undercover operatives working for Starfleet Intelligence.

The next year, Starfleet Intelligence recruited Miles O'Brien for an undercover mission to discover the identity of the informant. Although O'Brien was successful in his mission, he also discovered that Raimus had entered into an alliance with the Dominion. Working with the Vorta Gelnon, they planned to assassinate the Klingon ambassador to Farius Prime and frame Chancellor Gowron for the murder, in an attempt to destabilize the Federation-Klingon alliance. The plot failed when Starfleet Intelligence warned the Klingons of the conspiracy. (DS9: "Honor Among Thieves")

Raimus was played by actor Joseph Culp.


In the storyline for Star Trek Online, Raimus was assassinated in 2387 and replaced within the Syndicate by an Orion woman named Melani D'ian.

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