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In a parliamentary system, a prime minister (also known as the first minister or premier) is the head of government. The prime minister is usually the head of a council of ministers.

After negotiating Cardassia's annexation into the Dominion in 2373, Dukat effectively became the emperor of the Cardassian people, though still a servant of the Founders. However, he chose to maintain his rank of Gul as opposed to Legate because he felt it was more "hands on", and Emperor, President, First Minister and Emissary seemed too "pretentious". (DS9: "Ties of Blood and Water")

Prime MinistersEdit

Winston Churchill

Churchill, Head of the UK's Government through Earth's World War II

First MinistersEdit

Shakaar Edon, 2373

Shakaar Edon, First Minister of Bajor from 2371


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