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Klaa was a young upstart Klingon Bird-of-Prey captain on a personal mission to make a name for himself in the Klingon Empire in 2287.

Tired of shooting space garbage, Klaa thirsted for a target that would fight back.

After receiving a priority message from Qo'noS, Klaa learned of a situation on Nimbus III where the Klingon consul, General Korrd, had been taken hostage; along with the Terran and Romulan consuls. Klaa reasoned that the Federation would be sending a rescue ship of its own, so he set course for Nimbus III seeing this as an opportunity to engage a Federation ship.

Klaa soon discovered that the USS Enterprise-A, the ship commanded by James T. Kirk himself, a man he both respected and despised, was dispatched to Nimbus III. News of this further drove Klaa's thirst for battle, with Vixis, his second-in-command, telling the crew that if Klaa could defeat Kirk, he would be the greatest warrior in the galaxy.
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Did You Know that Quark has killed Jem'Hadar soldiers on three different occasions? The first was during first contact with the Dominion in 2370, the second during Operation Return in 2374, and the third during the Siege of AR-558 in 2375.


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