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Evil Janeway - Living Witness

Captain Janeway

Kathryn Janeway was the Augment Terran captain of the ISS Voyeur, a Bodacious-class destroyer in the mirror universe.

She was known throughout the Beta Quadrant for preferring to be address as sir, not having changed her hairstyle in over 7 years, and removing the self-destruct device from any ship she captained.

Her family history could be traced back to the construction of the Millennium Gate, Khan Noonien Singh's victory project after gaining total control of the planet in the Consolidation Wars of the 1990s which formed the Chrysalis Empire, also known as the first true global empire. Shannon O'Donnell, a consort of Khan and an engineer on the Millennium Gate, named all of her children with the Emperor after Henry Janeway, a man Khan personally killed for refusing to leave his home and business to make way for the Gate, after Khan forbade her to give the children his name. This disassociation allowed the family line to survive the nuclear Third Rebellion, out of which the Terran Empire would rise.
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