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Peter Lauritson was the flight director at the Fleet Operations Center on Earth and a representative of Starfleet Command in the mid-22nd century.

P. Lauritson was listed on the dedication plaque of the Starfleet vessel Enterprise NX-01, in the group of names of representatives from Starfleet Command. (Star Trek: Enterprise dedication plaque)

In January of 2155, Lauritson's office was located in room 1039. Fellow flight director M. Rush also had an office that room. (ENT: "Demons" set artwork)

Lauritson was also originally listed as the commanding officer of the RT-2203 class starship SS Tomobiki, launched from Earth in 2119, in an okudagram made for TNG: "Up The Long Ladder". His name was replaced by Dave Glick for the remastered version of the episode.
Lauritson was named for producer and director Peter Lauritson.
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