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The Pelosians were a species saved from extinction, in violation of the Prime Directive, by Captain James T. Kirk during his historic five-year mission aboard the USS Enterprise.

In 2378, Icheb included this information, along with Kirk's encounters with the Baezians and the Chenari, in his final report to Captain Kathryn Janeway, as part of the Early Starfleet History course of his Academy training. (VOY: "Q2")


The circumstances of Kirk's encounter with the Pelosians are revealed in the novel Forgotten History; the Pelosian homeworld was experiencing a natural disaster as a toxic gas cloud enveloped the planet after a meteor strike. With the reigning empress denying medical support to her people while proclaiming that it was a test of faith, ignorant of the fact that the surviving population would be too few and lack too many skills to survive for long, Kirk discreetly provided the population with medical supplies from the Enterprise, defending his decision on the grounds that he could claim the medicines actually came from another city on the planet that had been destroyed in the catastrophe.

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