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Gender: Male
Species: Malon
Occupation: Crew member aboard a waste export vessel
Status: Deceased (2375)
Died: 2375
Played by: Lee Arenberg

Pelk was a Malon crew member aboard a waste export vessel commanded by Fesek. Pelk was a friend to Fesek and the two had a good working relationship. Pelk knew his job and was experienced in life aboard a waste export vessel. He was also very artistic and built models as a hobby. He built a model waste export freighter as a present for Fesek's son's birthday, even though he enjoyed playing with the toy himself. Pelk had a wife named Sivad, although they didn't have any children together.

In 2375, the vessel he served on sprung a leak on a mission to export toxic waste. He and Fesek evacuated and were rescued by Voyager. If the ship exploded it would destroy everything within three-light years. Pelk joined Fesek and an away team from Voyager to try and seal the leak. Pelk was attacked and killed by a mutated core laborer named Dremk. (VOY: "Juggernaut")

Pelk was played by actor Lee Arenberg.

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