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Past Prologue Novel.jpg

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Author(s): L.A. Graf
Publisher: Pocket Books
Series: Pocket TOS
The Janus Gate #3
Published: July 2002
Pages: 252
Stardate: Unknown (2266)
Reference(s): ISBN 0743445961 (paperback)
ASIN B000FC0SOG (Kindle)

"These are the voyages" — as you've never seen them before!


From the book jacket
Thanks to the accidental triggering of alien technology, Captain Kirk has been banished to his own past. During a brutal massacre on Tarsus IV, Kodos the Executioner entered the history books as one of the most genocidal tyrants of the twenty-third century. As a boy, Kirk barely survived. Can he stand by now and let it happen again?
Lt. Kevin Riley is the only other survivor of Tarsus IV serving aboard the USS Enterprise. His traumatic memories provide Spock's best hope of finding their time-lost captain — before Kirk alters their timeline forever!

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