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Peter Lauritson was a Human Starfleet officer of the 22nd century.

In the 2150s, he was named as a Starfleet Command officer on the dedication plaque of NX-class starships. (ENT: "Broken Bow", dedication plaque; ENT: "Affliction", dedication plaque)

In January of 2155, he was named as a Flight Director on a directory placard at Fleet Operations Center, Sol Sector. His office was in room #1039, which he shared with M. Rush. (ENT: "Demons", directory)

Lauritson was also originally listed as the commanding officer of the RT-2203 class starship SS Tomobiki, launched from Earth in 2119, in an okudagram made for "Up The Long Ladder". His name was replaced by Dave Glick for the remastered version of the episode.
Lauritson was named for producer and director Peter Lauritson.

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