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Omicron Ceti III

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Omicron Ceti III
Omicron Ceti III remastered.jpg

Omicron Ceti III from orbit

Type: Planet
Location: Omicron Ceti system
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
Spock and Leila Kalomi.jpg

The surface of Omicron Ceti III


Anaanda Ziff's personnel file

Omicron Ceti III was the inhabited third planet in the Omicron Ceti system. The planet was affiliated with the United Federation of Planets.

Omicron Ceti III was suitable for colonization by humanoid lifeforms if the colonists were able to counter the harmful side effects of Berthold rays.

The planet was once considered the perfect planet for an agricultural colony, as its soil would grow anything planted in it. The climate was moderate, having a small amount of rain all year round. Unfortunately, this perfection was marred by the fact that the planet was bombarded by Berthold rays at such an intensity that any animal life could only survive for a week.

Multiple attempts were made to colonize the planet, but all failed as the Berthold rays were not yet known to Federation science. The last attempt, the Omicron colony, led by Elias Sandoval, made planetfall in 2264. This group was able to survive because of colony botanist Leila Kalomi's discovery of the pod plants and their mysterious spores, which protected the colonists from the Berthold rays.

On stardate 3417 in 2267, the USS Enterprise arrived at the planet, following the discovery of Berthold rays, to ascertain the exact fate of the colonists. Upon learning that the colonists were still alive, Captain James T. Kirk and Commander Spock were able to develop a method of freeing them from the influence of the spores. The colonists were evacuated to Starbase 27. (TOS: "This Side of Paradise")

In the mid-24th century, on stardate 40000.4, Lieutenant Anaanda Ziff was born on Omicron Ceti III. This lieutenant's personnel file appeared in a hallucination of Deanna Troi's. (TNG: "Eye of the Beholder" okudagram)

The surface of Omicron Ceti III was portrayed by the Golden Oak Ranch and Bronson Canyon. [1]
According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (pg. 37, "United Federation of Planets I"), in 2378, Omicron Ceti III was a Federation member. This planet was located in non-aligned space, in the Alpha Quadrant.

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