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Gender: Male
Species: T'Lani
Occupation: Scientist
Status: Deceased (2370)
Died: 2370
Played by: Larry Cedar

Nydrom was one of several T'Lani scientists assigned to dispose of the deadly Harvester virus after the end of the long war with the Kelleruns in 2370.

Assisted by Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien, Nydrom and several Kellerun scientists joined in a joint effort to destroy the deadly bio-weapons. After many futile attempts, they were able to accomplish their mission.

Nydrom meets his doom

Nydrom is murdered

After their success, Nydrom and the other scientists who worked on the project were killed by the Kellerun and T'Lani governments because they did not want the technical knowledge of the Harvesters to survive. Bashir and O'Brien were able to escape. (DS9: "Armageddon Game")

Nydrom was played by Larry Cedar.

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