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Neural transponder

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Neural transponder

The portable neural transponder utilized by the Cooperative

A neural transponder is a device capable of generating a neuro-electric field, linking the brain patterns of separate individuals, allowing for instantaneous access to information stored in an individual's mind. (DS9: "Favor the Bold")

The group of former Borg drones known as "the Cooperative" constructed a portable neural transponder, capable of re-linking the brain patterns of a small number of their members. Using this device in combination with a neural transceiver, they were able to heal Commander Chakotay, first officer of the USS Voyager, who had sustained serious injuries upon being fired upon with a particle weapon in 2373. Later, using the residual link they maintained with Chakotay, they influenced him to reactivate the neuro-electric field generator of a derelict Borg cube, and redirect it towards the planet, allowing the Cooperative to forcibly establish a neural link amongst the planet's entire population. (VOY: "Unity")

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