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List of Klingon personnel on Narendra III.



Klingon Cell Guard

A Klingon guard on Narendra III

Cell guardEdit

Klingon cell guard on Narendra III in 2152. Among the prisoners he guarded was Jonathan Archer during his trial for crimes against the Klingon Empire. When Phlox visited Archer in prison, he said that Archer might have a contagious disease. This caused the guard to leave the cell, and Phlox was able to tell Archer that a plan was in the works to free him. (ENT: "Judgment")

The cell guard was played by D.J. Lockhart.

Klingon colonistsEdit


Klingons on the colony of Narendra III

Klingon colonists on Narendra III in 2152.(ENT: "Judgment")

Klingon Magistrate

Klingon magistrate


In 2152, this Klingon magistrate presided over the trial of Captain Jonathan Archer on Narendra III. The Magistrate also commuted the death sentence to life on Rura Penthe. When Archer's advocate Kolos protested, the Magistrate sentenced him to a year on Rura Penthe as well. (ENT: "Judgment")

The magistrate was played by Granville Van Dusen.

Klingon Court AttendeesEdit


Klingons at Archer's trial

These Klingons attended the trial of Jonathan Archer when he was charged by a Klingon tribunal for helping rebels try to escape the Empire.(ENT: "Judgment")

The Klingons were played by unknown actors.

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