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Gender: Male
Species: Triannon
Occupation: Member of a religious zealot sect
Status: Deceased (2153)
Played by: David Youse

Nalbis was a member of the Triannon race and a member of a religious zealot sect led by Pri'Nam D'Jamat.

He aided D'Jamat in hijacking the Enterprise NX-01 in order for his religious faction to use the ship in a civil war aginst a rival religious faction. Implanted with an organic explosive, Nalbis was ordered by D'Jamat to sacrifice himself to demonstrate what would happen to Enterprise if Captain Archer refused to cooperate. Nalbis detonated himself on "C" deck, causing a hull breach and killing an Enterprise crewmember. (ENT: "Chosen Realm")

Nalbis was played by David Youse.

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