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USS Prometheus, multi-vector assault mode

The Prometheus deploys its multi-vector assault mode

USS Prometheus, multi-vector assault mode attack

Destroys a Romulan Warbird

Multi-vector assault mode was a feature developed by Starfleet for its new Template:ShipClass starship in the 2370s. By using advanced compartmentalization and automation systems, a ship capable of multi-vector assault mode could split itself into three separate warp-capable craft, becoming an entire squadron operating semi-independently and in concert.

Upon ordering multi-vector assault mode, the ship's computer would begin a ten-second countdown, going to blue alert in preparation for the ship to separate. Separation was generally performed at sublight speeds, although it could be accomplished at warp as well. On the USS Prometheus, the saucer section detached, deploying two small warp nacelles; one on the dorsal side just behind the bridge, and the other in the same location on the ventral side of the saucer. The secondary hull split on the X-axis into two parts, each with two nacelles. Following the separation, the three separate sections could be piloted manually, or could be controlled by the ship's computer to perform pre-programmed attack patterns. After attack operations, the ship was capable of re-connecting itself automatically.

As of 2374, the multi-vector assault mode was still an untested, top-secret technology. The only starship known to be equipped with the system was the USS Prometheus itself. In its first two deployments (both unplanned due to a Romulan attack), the Prometheus successfully crippled the Template:ShipClass USS Bonchune (while under Romulan control) and destroyed a Template:ShipClass Romulan warbird which was damaged by an Template:ShipClass and two Template:ShipClass starships. (VOY: "Message in a Bottle").

According to Star Trek Online, the multi-vectored attack mode had too many glitches, and thus it was removed from the Prometheus-class at launch, with the intention of fine-tuning it for release at a later date. It was eventually released in the Cryptic Store on March 10, 2011.

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