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Mudd could refer to several things:

  • Harcourt Mudd, a con artist encountered by the USS Enterprise.
  • Stella Mudd, wife of Harcourt Mudd.
  • The planet Mudd, the planet the Enterprise encountered Harry Mudd on in 2268.
  • The Mudd androids built on planet Mudd.
  • The Mudd Incident, an event that took place in January 2259 of the alternate reality.

Background Edit

Mudd could refer to:

  • "Mudd's Women", a first season TOS episode.
  • "I, Mudd", a second season TOS episode.
  • "Mudd's Passion", a TAS episode.
  • Mudd's Angels (a.k.a. Mudd's Enterprise), a Bantam novel adaptation of the Original Series episodes.
  • Mudd in Your Eye, a Pocket Books sequel to the Original Series episodes.
  • Samantha Mudd, the guest actress who played Chandler in an episode of Deep Space Nine.
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