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Mike Deodato, Jr. (born 23 May 1963; age 51) is a Brazillian comic book artist specializing in pencils.

He broke into the industry in the early 1990s, after becoming a professional artist in the mid-1980s, with a stint as an inker on The Protectors before getting a big break on Beauty and the Beast from Innovation in 1993, a title he penciled, inked, and colored.

That eventually led to runs on DC Comics' Wonder Woman and Marvel Comics' Avengers, Elektra, Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, and Thor. Around the turn of the millennium, he cut back on his workload and concentrated on a more detailed art style. This led to another run on Incredible Hulk, the J. Michael Straczynski run of Amazing Spider-Man, Thunderbolts, and Wolverine: Origins.

In 1996, he contributed pinup art of Spock to Star TreX.

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