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Michael "Mike" Collins (born 1961) is a Welsh comic book and novel artist who worked on Marvel Comics' various Star Trek series, including Star Trek: Early Voyages and Star Trek: Untold Voyages. He also has contributed artwork as the main cover artist to the Pocket Books line of Star Trek: SCE eBooks.

His career started in the early 1980s with Games Workshop, contributing art to their Golden Heroes role-playing game. He joined Marvel's UK division in 1983, where he worked on a variety of titles, including Transformers, Spider-Man, and Action Force. In 1986, he also began working for DC Comics. While there, he worked on the WildStorm Star Trek line, the TSR Spelljammer and Dragonlance lines, and then in the late 1990s, he worked with J. Michael Straczynski and Peter David on a Babylon 5 comic miniseries.

He currently writes and contributes artwork to the Doctor Who Magazine along with David Roach, in addition to doing artwork for Wizards of the Coast in their Forgotten Realms line of role-playing games.

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