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Gender: Male
Species: Jem'Hadar
Affiliation: Dominion
Occupation: Soldier
Status: Presumed deceased (2372)
Died: 2372
Played by: Jeremy Roberts

Meso'Clan was a Jem'Hadar soldier who served under First Goran'Agar.

In 2372, he followed Goran'Agar to Bopak III to be cured of his addiction to ketracel-white, though that did not happen. Meso'Clan was assigned to stand watch over Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien as they worked to find a cure. During an escape attempt, Meso'Clan was injured by a plasma charge, and expected to be killed as he had became a liability to the unit. To his surprise, Goran'Agar decided not to kill him. (DS9: "Hippocratic Oath")

Meso'Clan was played by Jeremy Roberts.

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