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Below is a list of current deletion suggestions, ordered by their date of creation (oldest first). Please make sure you have read and understood Memory Alpha's deletion policy before adding to these discussions.

A digest version of the policy:

  • Pages listed here will be removed after approximately 5-7 days, if a consensus for any action has been reached.
  • Add articles to the list below by adding a deletion boilerplate message to the articles to be deleted. We recommend using {{delete page}}, which will immediately give you the correct link to a deletion discussion page.
  • On the discussion page, sign entries with name and timestamp – use four tildes (~~~~). Also, please remember to boldface (by surrounding text with '''three apostrophes''') your suggestion (keep, delete, move, merge, ...) for easy recognition.

Discussions: PagesFilesRestoration

Action required: Pages for immediate deletionFiles for immediate deletionCopyright infringements

Policy & Maintenance: PolicyAdmin guidelinesLogArchives

Deletion suggestion for...Last Post
Original Star Trek toys (Mego)04:28, September 15, 2013
Original Star Trek action figures (Mego)04:29, September 15, 2013
Unsaid star system articles II10:09, April 11, 2014
Cygnian18:15, April 11, 2014
Archived deletion discussions

Pages for immediate deletion

Below is a list of current immediate deletion requests. Please make sure you have read and understood Memory Alpha's criteria for immediate deletion before marking pages for immediate deletion, or resolving them.


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