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"Old" featured articles (106 total)

Featured articles can, and should, be brought up for review from time to time to ensure they are still an example of Memory Alpha's best work. If you would like to start a review, please make sure you are familiar with the review policy. For past reviews, please see the archive.

Featured articles more than five years old are listed to the right. It is expected that these articles will have undergone revisions over that time to keep them up to date, and it's important to make sure that these revisions have maintained the quality expected of a featured article.

Reviews can be started by beginning a new discussion on this page. If you think that a featured articles' status should be upheld, add it to the "Uphold" section. If you think that the article should be removed from the feature article list, it should be added to the "Remove" section. Either way, be sure to state the reason(s) why you think the article should be reviewed. Reviews should display, and have a link to, the blurb used on the portals, by adding {{Blurb|ARTICLE}} before the discussion.

Sample format:

=== [[ARTICLE]] ===
<reasoning> - <signature>

Once this is done, a notice that the article's status is being reviewed should be added to the article in question by inserting {{far}} at the top of the page, above any other templates except the article type template.

When you are commenting on a review, please take the time to read the entire article before you decide whether to Support or Oppose the motion. When supporting or opposing an article, please use a bullet point (by adding a * before your comment) without any indent so these will be easy to find later. General comments should be indented as usual, and, as always, please sign your nominations and comments with "~~~~".



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