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Any page in the Talk: namespace can be added to this forum by adding {{Talkforum}} to the page.

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Here is an alternate version that lists all pages in the Talk: namespace. This has the benefit that nothing has to be added to put it in the list, but it only includes pages from the Talk: namespace, and they don't have the neat thread nav at the top. Also, it somewhat duplicates the functionality of choosing "Talk" in the namespace dropdown box of Recent Changes.

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Daystrom Institute of Technology16:22, July 29, 2014Throwback
Richard M. Nixon09:12, July 29, 201431dot
Star Trek Chronology09:10, July 29, 201431dot
Breen (planet)14:30, July 28, 2014Capricorn
Taurean II12:38, July 28, 2014Capricorn
Kzinti government12:19, July 28, 2014Throwback
Ilvia11:16, July 28, 2014Capricorn
Ilidarian10:31, July 28, 2014Capricorn
And the Children Shall Lead (episode)03:20, July 28, 2014108.12.246.192
De Laure belt22:47, July 27, 2014Throwback

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