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Subj:  Outta here...
Date:  5/16/97 8:16:04 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

"Now it's time to say good-bye... to all our company...."

Well, that's it folks.  My season is officially over and I am heading for
some serious downtime with the Missus.

"R... O.... N...."

N case you're worried, Bird of Prey will be logging all the postings here
until I get back.

"A... L... D..."

D day I get back in the office is June 9, but I wouldn't expect me to get
back on-line for at least a couple of days as I settle in and try to recover
from the hangover I fervently hope to bring back with me.

"M... O.... O.... R.... EEEEEEEEEEEE"

Bye all.
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