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Mazarite warship
Mazarite warships.jpg

Vessels of the class, dropping out of warp

Vessels of the class, dropping out of warp
Affiliation: Mazarite High Council
Type: Warship
Active: 22nd century
Speed: Warp 5+
Armament: Directed energy weapons
Defenses: Deflector shields
ShRaan disables the Mazarites.jpg

Vessels of the class, under fire from the Sh'Raan

Vessels of the class, under fire from the Sh'Raan

Mazarite warships were a type of starship utilized by the Mazarite High Council's corrupt government during the mid-22nd century. The Mazarites were technologically comparable to Humans in the 2150s. However, the Mazarites, like the Humans, were far less advanced than the Vulcans. One Vulcan combat cruiser could easily disable several Mazarite warships.

Mazarite warships had a maximum speed of at least warp 5. They had deflector shield technology, and the ability to jam other ships' communications technology. Mazarite warships were also equipped with shuttlecraft.

In early 2152, three of these ships chased Enterprise while they were escorting Ambassador V'Lar to Vulcan to offer testimony against their corrupt government. The warships were eventually able to catch Enterprise and sent a shuttle to take V'Lar back to Mazar.

Enterprise, however, was able to jam their sensors long enough for the Sh'Raan to arrive and disable the Mazarite ships. The Vulcan captain then hailed Enterprise and told Captain Archer to tell the Mazarites "to surrender their weapons, or we'll destroy their ships." The Mazarites then surrendered, and the Sh'Raan was able to return the ambassador. (ENT: "Fallen Hero")

For more information on this design and history of this model, please see: Studio models.

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