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Marla E Finn.jpg

Marla Finn moments before her death

Marla Finn moments before her death
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Rank: Ensign
Occupation: Specialist
Serial number: CU-461-095
Status: Deceased (2362)
Born: Stardate 17804.5
Died: 2362
Father: William R. Finn
Mother: Ellen Finn
Played by: Nora Leonhardt
Marla Finn's personnel file.jpg

Finn's personnel file

Finn's personnel file

Marla E. Finn was a Starfleet ensign (serial number: CU-461-095). She was promoted to her rank on stardate 38592.6. She was a specialist (grade 2) in warp field stabilization systems. She had an average efficiency/coind rating of 8.9.

According to medical file EP-301-2, she was born on stardate 17804.5 on Sol IV. Her parents were Ellen and William R. Finn.

She had graduated from Starfleet Academy in San Francisco on stardate 39591.5. She was assigned to the USS Silversides on stardate 40632.7. She was awarded the J-Lee Award in warp field engineering on stardate 40937.2.

In 2362, after serving aboard Silversides, she was serving at the Utopia Planitia Shipyards, Sol system. She was a junior technician on the warp engine local control systems installation.

Marla Finn and William Hodges

Marla Finn caught in a fateful embrace

During this time, she became romantically involved with Walter Pierce, but also had an affair with William Hodges. All three went missing; the shipyard reported her missing on stardate 40987.2, but the Starfleet OSHC investigation terminated without result on stardate 40999.4. The case went cold.

It was not learned until late-2370 that she and her male friend had been killed by Pierce, who had caused a plasma explosion out of jealousy and then threw himself into the plasma stream. (TNG: "Eye of the Beholder")

Marla E. Finn was played by regular background actress and Marina Sirtis' stand-in Nora Leonhardt, who was credited as Woman in the end credits.
An okudagram readout of Finn's personnel file was displayed on a viewscreen that Deanna Troi was studying. Some of the facts could be called into question since Troi was involved in a very detailed hallucination when the data was shown. This could explain why Finn was promoted to ensign on a stardate that indicated a time period years after her death, and why she was born on a stardate that might indicate she was only seven years old.

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