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Madame changs

Madame Chang's signage

Madame Chang's Mandarin Cafe was a restaurant in San Francisco which Doctor Phlox enjoyed visiting in the early 2150s.

Following the return to Earth from the Xindi mission, in 2154, Phlox, Hoshi Sato, and Travis Mayweather had dinner plans at Madame Chang's. Phlox had reservations about going, following a previous incident on Earth where he came face-to-face some of the lasting effects of the Xindi attack on Earth, prejudice brought on by xenophobia. He declined Sato's offer, stating that his osmotic eel was under the weather, and that he should tend to her until she's better. Sato rejected his excuse, stating to Phlox, "no, you've been talking about the egg drop soup at this place for as long as I've known you." Nevertheless, Phlox decided to stay aboard Enterprise, and in response, Sato offered to bring him back some take-out. (ENT: "Home")

Later that year, Phlox accompanied Sato to Madame Chang's, where he commented on the large number of Starfleet officers who were there. Hoshi then revealed that the reason for that was probably her fault, because she had "told a few friends about the place." (ENT: "Affliction")

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