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Loskene's starship
Loskene's starship
Class: Tholian starship (23rd century)
Owner: Tholian Assembly
Status: Active (2268)
Interior cabin, with Commander Loskene
Interior cabin, with Commander Loskene

Loskene's starship was a Tholian starship commanded by Commander Loskene.

In 2268, Loskene's vessel intercepted the USS Enterprise, demanding that it leave Tholian territory. At the request of First Officer Spock, Loskene allowed the Enterprise additional time before they were required to withdraw to allow the Enterprise to rescue James T. Kirk from the interphased USS Defiant. The Enterprise crew was unable to rescue Kirk within the Tholian time limit and the Tholians opened fire, damaging the Enterprise. The Enterprise returned fire, inflicting damage on the Tholian vessel. Soon after, a second Tholian vessel appeared, and the two ships began constructing a web in an attempt to trap the Enterprise. The Enterprise crew, fortunately, was able to recover Kirk and escape before they fell victim to the Tholian's web. (TOS: "The Tholian Web")

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