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Limara'Son in early 2374

Limara'Son in early 2374
Gender: Male
Species: Jem'Hadar
Affiliation: Dominion
Rank: Fourth
Occupation: Soldier
Status: Deceased (2374)
Died: 2374
Played by: Paul S. Eckstein

Limara'Son was a Jem'Hadar soldier during the Dominion War. He served as the fourth under the Vorta Keevan in 2374, when their ship crash landed on a planet inside a dark-matter nebula. Made anxious by lack of ketracel-white, Limara'Son opened fire while reconnoitering a detachment of Starfleet officers led by Captain Benjamin Sisko, who had also crash-landed on the planet. Third Remata'Klan reduced him to sixth for disobeying his orders. Limara'Son and the rest of the unit were killed in a deliberate ambush ordered by Keevan, and were buried on the planet. (DS9: "Rocks and Shoals")

Limara'Son was played by Paul S. Eckstein.

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