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Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Occupation: Drill thrall
Status: Deceased (2268)
Died: 2268
Played by: Steve Sandor

Lars was a drill thrall on the planet Triskelion. He was responsible for training the new thralls.

In 2268, he was chosen to train Lieutenant Uhura after she and her crewmates were kidnapped from the starship Enterprise by the Providers. He was eventually "selected" for Uhura where he attempted to rape her in her thrall cage. Uhura was able to fight him off at which time Lars informed her that it was "not allowed to refuse selection". Lars died in a match with Captain Kirk, when the Andorian thrall threw a spear at Kirk, who ducked under it. The spear impaled Lars, who was standing behind Kirk at the time. (TOS: "The Gamesters of Triskelion")

Lars was played by actor Steve Sandor.

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