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Against their nature KLI cover.jpg

Cover of "Klingon Language Edition" of Issue #1

Publisher: IDW Comics
Series: Star Trek: TOS
Published: April 2007 - September 2007
Issues: 5
Timespan: Various

Star Trek: Klingons - Blood Will Tell is the second IDW series of Star Trek comics. Set during the Original Series era, these stories relate key conflicts between the crew of the original Enterprise and the Klingon Empire, as told from the Klingon point-of-view. The first issue was released in April 2007, and was followed by four more monthly issues to complete the run.

The first issue was released in both English language and Klingon language editions, the latter translated by members of the Klingon Language Institute. This is similar to the dual-language release of issue #18 of Marvel's Star Trek: Starfleet Academy title. The remaining issues were released in English-only editions.

An omnibus edition was released 21 November 2007 collecting all 5 issues.



  1. "Against Their Nature"
  2. "Beneath the Skin"
  3. "The Order of Things"
  4. "Blood Reign O'er Me"
  5. "Losses"

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