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John Watkins John B. Watkins (1969)

Kenneth Washington (born 19 October 1946; age 67) is the actor who played Engineer John B. Watkins in TOS: "That Which Survives".

He is perhaps best known for playing Sgt. Richard Baker during the final season of the television series Hogan's Heroes. He also made several appearances as Officer Miller on the police drama Adam-12.

His film credits include 1969's Changes (with Teri Garr) and the TV movies Cry Rape (directed by Corey Allen and featuring Paul Comi, George Murdock, Whit Bissell, Willard Sage, and Phillip Pine), Money on the Side (with Christopher Lloyd and Gary Graham), and J. Edgar Hoover (with Louise Fletcher, David Ogden Stiers, and Paul Kent).

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