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Multiple realities
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Kelvin-type shuttlecraft
Kelvin shuttle 43.jpg

Forward view

Forward view
Owner: United Federation of Planets
Operator: Starfleet
Type: Shuttlecraft
Active: 2233
Kelvin type shuttlecraft cockpit.jpg


Kelvin type shuttlecraft aft compartment.jpg

Aft compartment

Aft compartment

The Kelvin-type shuttlecraft was a shuttlecraft type in use aboard the USS Kelvin in 2233.

Physical arrangement Edit

This type of shuttlecraft had two warp nacelles attached to the main body of the shuttlecraft by elongated nacelle pylons which housed the shuttles small impulse drives. Shuttles could be accessed from either side by doors located just before the nacelle pylons. This shuttle type also a retractable landing gear forward of the doors.

This type of shuttle is very similar to the Class F shuttlecraft from the 2260s and 70s.

Interior Edit

The cockpit contained two chairs, with the helm located on the starboard side, and three forward facing windows. The cockpit was separated from the aft compartment by a small hatch and sometimes a plastic screen. Medical shuttles had the aft compartment fitted with medical equipment. (Star Trek)

Shuttles of this type Edit

Appendix Edit

Background information Edit

The cockpit of the Kelvin-type was a redress of the military shuttle's cockpit, with Captain Robau sitting on the starboard side while Captain Pike sat on the port side.

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