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First Maje Valek of the Oglamar

The Kazon-Oglamar are one of the weaker of the 18 Kazon sects, led by First Maje Jal Valek.

In 2372, the Oglamar were invited by Seska to form an alliance with the Kazon-Nistrim, Kazon-Hobii, and the Kazon-Mostral. Nothing came of the proposal after Captain Kathryn Janeway had Valek and the other majes unwittingly transported to the USS Voyager. (VOY: "Maneuvers")

Later that year, Valek and a number of other Kazon sects were invited to a peace conference on the planet Sobras by Janeway and Mabus of the Trabe. He barely escaped an assassination attempt by Mabus, who had hoped to use the conference to eliminate the Kazon leadership. (VOY: "Alliances")

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