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Jareth, Remember.jpg


Gender: Male
Species: Enaran
Occupation: Enaran leader
Status: Alive (2373)
Children: Korenna
Played by: Bruce Davison

Jareth was an Enaran leader during the "resettlement" of the so-called Regressives.

His daughter Korenna was in love with a Regressive named Dathan Alaris, who told her that regressives were being killed rather than resettled.

Jareth used his influence to sway Korenna into believing that the resettlement was legitimate and stated that Dathan was lying and did not really love her, that he was using her. She ultimately betrayed Dathan and Jareth had him executed while Korenna joined a mob of Enarans cheering the event. (VOY: "Remember")

Jareth was played by actor Bruce Davison.

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