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Gender: Male
Species: Onlies
Occupation: Leader of the Onlies
Status: Alive (2266)
Played by: Michael J. Pollard

Jahn was the leader of the Onlies, a band of feral children on Miri's homeworld. These children had been alone for over three hundred years, since an artificial disease, the life prolongation complex, killed all of their parents. When the USS Enterprise landing party encountered him in 2266, he was over three hundred years.

When the USS Enterprise visited in 2266, Jahn led the children against the Enterprise landing party, first stealing their communicators and then kidnapping Janice Rand. Eventually, Captain Kirk persuaded Miri to lead him to the other Onlies; there, he managed to persuade them to return Rand and the communicators. He was cured of his infection by a vaccine developed by Dr. McCoy.

Jahn kept the children together, organized them, formulated their tactics, and led them in other activities, such as foolies. He was far less enthusiastic than Miri about the presence of the landing party; like all of the Onlies, he knew what happened when adults got the fatal form of the life prolongation complex.

When the Enterprise departed, Jahn remained on his world with the rest of the Onlies and a medical team from the ship. (TOS: "Miri")

Jahn was portrayed by Michael J. Pollard.
He wore both master sergeant and inverted sergeant insignias on his shirt, but the ranks were not mentioned in the episode dialog.

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