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DynamicPageList is a Mediawiki extension originally developed for Wikinews. It allows Memory Alpha users to create a list of pages that are listed in a set of categories. For more information see Dynamic Page List on MediaWiki.

Every page on Memory Alpha that invokes DPL links to a special "Extension DPL" template automatically.


DynamicPageList can be used with XML-like syntax in the wiki edit view. The parameters control the pages to list, the display order, and the display mode. See the following sections for information on each parameter. For example, the following are the oldest five pages on Memory Alpha that need one or more citations:

category             = Memory Alpha pages needing citation
count                = 5
order                = ascending
addfirstcategorydate = true

Below are some commonly-used options and parameters. For a complete set of DynamicPageList commands, see the manual on the DPL website.

Page selectionEdit

lists categories from which to select articles. DynamicPageList will list pages that are found in every category listed on a separate category line (i.e. an AND operation). To perform an OR operation, separate categories with the pipe character ("|") on a single category line. A minimum and maximum number of entries to list is set in the extension's source code. You may use magic words like {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} in the category name.
The syntax is category = 1st category name | 2nd category name | ...

This example will list pages that have [[Category:TOS performers]] OR [[Category:TAS performers]], AND [[Category:ENT performers]]:

category = TOS performers|TAS performers
category = ENT performers
restricts the list of pages to those not in a particular category. You can use magic words like {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} in the category name.
The syntax is notcategory = category name

This example will list pages that have [[Category:TAS performers]] but NOT [[Category:TOS performers]]:

category    = TAS performers
notcategory = TOS performers
restricts the list of pages displayed to those in one of the listed namespaces, specified by name (see the List of namespaces). To select the main namespace, use a null string as the namespace parameter (i.e. namespace = ). An invalid name produces an error message.
Note that namespace ids are no longer valid as namespace arguments.
The syntax is namespace = 1st namespace name | 2nd namespace name | ...
category  = Memory Alpha maintenance
namespace = Template

Extension:DynamicPageList (DPL), version 2.02 : Warning: No results.

determines whether or not to include redirect pages. The value can be exclude (default, don't list redirects), include (list redirects), or only (don't list pages that aren't redirects).
restricts the number of results that are shown. By default, the pages added to the category most recently are shown (see order). Note that the extension will not list more results than the maximum defined in the extension source code.
category = Performers
count    = 3

Details displayedEdit

displays the namespace in the page names. The value can be true (default, display in name: Help:Contents) or false (don't display in name: Contents).
shows the date each article was added to category. The value can be true (display date) or false (default, don't display date). If many categories are specified, it uses the first category. The linked page names are prepended with the date formatted according to your date display preferences.
category             = Aquans
addfirstcategorydate = true
determines the format of the list. The value can be unordered (default, outputs a bulleted list, HTML tag "ul"), ordered (outputs numbered list, HTML tag "ol"), none (outputs plain text with line breaks), or inline (outputs an inline list separated by the character(s) specified in the 'inlinetext' parameter).
category      = Constellations
mode          = unordered

category      = Constellations
mode          = ordered

plain text:
category      = Constellations
mode          = none

category      = Constellations
mode          = inline



  1. Andromeda
  2. Aries
  3. Auriga
  4. Cancer (constellation)
  5. Canis Major
  6. Canis Minor
  7. Cetus
  8. Columba
  9. Cygnus
  10. Eridanus
  11. Fornax
  12. Gemini (constellation)
  13. Great Horn
  14. Hercules (constellation)
  15. Leo (constellation)
  16. Lepus
  17. Lynx
  18. Monoceros
  19. Orion (constellation)
  20. Pisces
  21. Puppis
  22. Scorpius
  23. Sculptor (constellation)
  24. Taurus
  25. The Runners
  26. Virgo

plain text:
Cancer (constellation)
Canis Major
Canis Minor
Gemini (constellation)
Great Horn
Hercules (constellation)
Leo (constellation)
Orion (constellation)
Sculptor (constellation)
The Runners

Andromeda - Aries - Auriga - Cancer (constellation) - Canis Major - Canis Minor - Cetus - Columba - Cygnus - Eridanus - Fornax - Gemini (constellation) - Great Horn - Hercules (constellation) - Leo (constellation) - Lepus - Lynx - Monoceros - Orion (constellation) - Pisces - Puppis - Scorpius - Sculptor (constellation) - Taurus - The Runners - Virgo

defines the inline text separator to be used when mode = inline is specified. The default is &nbsp;-&nbsp;.
category      = Asteroids
mode          = inline
shownamespace = false
inlinetext    = &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;

Adonis • Apollo (asteroid) • Apperson's Asteroid • Asteroid alpha 331 • Asteroid belts • Asteroid beta 671 • Asteroid gamma 601 • Internment Camp 371 • Rura Penthe • Talaxian asteroid colony • Unnamed asteroids • Vedala asteroid • Yonada


determines the order and date to display. The value can be categoryadd (output sorted by date pages added to first category), counter (output sorted based on number of times pages have been viewed, i.e. ~popularity), size (output sorted based on size of articles), firstedit (output sorted by date pages were first edited, i.e. page creation), lastedit (output sorted by date pages were last edited), title (default, output sorted by article (prefix+)title) or titlewithoutnamespace (output sorted by article title regardless of namespace).
category             = Ba'ku
addfirstcategorydate = true
ordermethod          = lastedit

category             = Ba'ku
addfirstcategorydate = true
ordermethod          = categoryadd



decides the sort direction. The value can be descending (default, most recent to oldest) or ascending (oldest to most recent).

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