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Grenade launcher, 2267

James Kirk loading a grenade into a grenade launcher

A grenade is a small self-contained weapon with a built-in time delay that is thrown or launched. Grenades vary according to the payload, which may contain an explosive, incendiary, gas, or electronic components designed to stun, damage, or kill. (TOS: "Arena"; ENT: "Countdown") A type of grenade used during the 23rd century could be launched with a grenade launcher, to attack an enemy hiding in a defensive position and out of direct line-of-sight. (TOS: "Arena")

Because of a moderate to large area of effect, grenades do not require precise aim, making them particularly useful for targets that are out of sight. Grenades also have the ability to neutralize multiple targets simultaneously, making them valuable as the start of a surprise attack. (ENT: "Shockwave")

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