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Ha'Dara from orbit
Class: Y
Type: Planet
Location: Delta Quadrant

Ha'Dara was a Y class planet in the Delta Quadrant.

The word Ha'Dara meant "home of light" in Bajoran and was named by Iden, a Hirogen prey hologram. Iden intended to found a new community for the holograms he liberated from the Hirogen in 2377 on Ha'Dara by installing photonic field generators on the surface.

However, when the holograms arrived at Ha'Dara they were being pursued by two Hirogen hunting vessels. When the USS Voyager disabled the Hirogen ships in a surprise attack, Iden had the hunters transported to the surface of Ha'Dara so that they could be hunted as prey. The holograms were deactivated by B'Elanna Torres and Kejal while Iden was destroyed by The Doctor, but all but five of the Hirogen were massacred. (VOY: "Flesh and Blood")

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