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Author(s): Bernard E. Menke and Rick D. Stuart
Illustrator(s): David R. Deitrick (cover), Dana Knutson, Todd F. Marsh, & Jane Bigos
Editor(s): Todd Huettel
Publisher: FASA
Series: Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game
Production #: 2216
Published: 15 March 1985
Pages: 40
Reference: ISBN 0931787033

An adventure scenario for Star Trek: The Role Playing Game, from FASA.


Four long years you've drilled and studied and trained. More than once you almost gave up, but somehow, you kept on trying. You've taken all the punishment and all the pain the Empire's best could throw at you, and somehow survived it all. You're the one in a hundred. You're one of the survivors. Now at the age of sixteen, only one thing stands between you and your final goal. Only the last assignment to be completed, and then, at long last, you and your comrades will receive your commissions as officers in the Imperial Klingon Navy. After what you've been through, your task seems incredibly simple. Just hop over to a small backwater planet in the Triangle, and bring back an agent Imperial Security needs to question. Simple... except the Romulans might have other ideas about the matter...

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