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Goss (2366)

Goss (2366)
Gender: Male
Species: Ferengi
Affiliation: Ferengi Alliance
Rank: DaiMon
Occupation: Starship commander
Status: Active (2373)
Played by: Scott Thomson

Goss was a Ferengi DaiMon in the 24th century, commanding officer of a Template:ShipClass Marauder. In 2366 he demanded the right to negotiate on behalf of the Ferengi for rights to the Barzan wormhole. Though he had not been invited to the proceedings by the Barzans, Premier Bhavani agreed to allow their participation.

Despite Goss' bluster, however, the Ferengi did not have the resources to compete fairly with the bids of the Federation or Chrysalians. In an effort to gain an edge Arridor distilled pyrocytes from Goss' blood which were used to provoke an extreme allergic reaction in the Federation's chief negotiator, Seth Mendoza. When Mendoza fell ill William T. Riker was forced to take his place. Riker nearly succeeded in winning the rights to the wormhole for the Federation but an alliance between Goss and Devinoni Ral, representing the Chrysalians, gave Ral the upper hand.

Goss and Ral were so eager to obtain the rights to the wormhole that they did not wait until the results of a mission through the wormhole were analyzed. When Arridor and Kol, two Ferengi serving with Goss, were trapped in the Delta Quadrant by the shifting terminus of the wormhole its value as a resource disappeared and Goss was left with no profit to show for his work. (TNG: "The Price")

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