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Grand Nagus Gint as he appeared in Quark's dream

Gint was the first Ferengi Grand Nagus. 10,000 years ago, Gint was the original author of the first aphorisms that would become the Rules of Acquisition.

In 2372, Quark dreamed that he met Gint at the doorway to the Divine Treasury, where Gint told him that his life was more important than fulfilling a contract. Gint argued that the Rules were actually supposed to be nothing more than guideposts. (When asked why he decided to call them "Rules", Gint countered, "Would you buy a book called Suggestions of Acquisition?")

In his dream, Quark visualized Gint as resembling his brother Rom. (DS9: "Body Parts")
Gint was played by actor Max Grodénchik in an effort to intentionally resemble his character of Rom.

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