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Fundamental Declarations of the Martian colonies

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The Fundamental Declarations of the Martian colonies was an important legal document drafted on the planet Mars during or after the founding of the Martian colonies in 2103. (VOY: "The 37's")

In 2267, Samuel T. Cogley, defending James T. Kirk in a Starfleet court martial, cited the Declarations as an important step in the pursuit of individual rights. (TOS: "Court Martial")

During its fourth season, Star Trek: Enterprise hoped to do a story about this historic event, but the episode never materialized. The idea was that Mars would aim the comets used for terraforming at Earth, in a Cuban missile crisis-type scenario. Some elements of the story found their way into "Terra Prime". ("Terra Prime" audio commentary)
A conjectural version of the declaration was printed in the Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology, which dates it to 2062.

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