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Author(s): Dayton Ward
Publisher: Pocket Books
Series: Pocket TOS
Published: 30 July 2013
Pages: 304
Stardate: Unknown (Unknown)
Reference(s): ISBN 1476719004 (paperback)
ISBN 1476719012 (eBook)
ASIN B00A26DUEA (Kindle)

From History's Shadow is a forthcoming Pocket TOS novel. Written by Dayton Ward, the novel is expected to be released in July 2013.


Solicitation blurb
An original novel set in the universe of Star Trek: The Original Series!
Set in the Original Series universe, this standalone story utilizes 1950s UFO paranoia, the Cold War, and the escalating “space race” of the 1960s as a backdrop for a Star Trek tale in a vein similar to that of the New York Times bestselling Eugenics Wars duology.

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