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Romulan flower, cafe

An unnamed Romulan flower in a cafe.

Romulan flower, office

An unnamed Romulan flower in Neral's office on Romulus.

A flower is the main reproductive part of a plant, which is typically colored (not green) and known for producing fruit.

Caused by the aphasia virus, Chief Miles O'Brien said "She's flower units about the lad herself" but repeated it right as "She's quite fond of the lad herself" after Commander Benjamin Sisko asked him what he said. (DS9: "Babel")

The Bajoran farmer Mullibok kept several different types of flowers around his cottage on the Bajoran moon Jerrado. (DS9: "Progress")

After Odo expressed surprise at Quark's statement that the Kressari (primarily botanic DNA traders) were smuggling weapons to the Alliance for Global Unity, Quark told him: "They're not delivering flowers these days". (DS9: "The Circle")

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